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From Columbus Ohio, Bryanna Anderson; a producer, musician, and songwriter along with other titles; is no new figure to the hip-hop community. With numerous awards, and events under her belt, Bree is a driving force of the movement.

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Cam Russ

Cam Russ, 19 years old from Dayton, Ohio. "On the come up and better than your local city rappers."

Instagram: Cam_russ_

Twitter: @Cameronrussell7

-Merkell Lemarr

Merkell Williams, International recording artist, Background vocalist, soloist| touring member of the Grammy -Nominated Central State Chorus, Member of Jeremy Winston Chorale.

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Devontae Geter is an artist from Dayton just living life while letting his creative, charismatic mind guide him through his journey. All he wants to do is spread positivity and knowledge to the world through his art.

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Lucien Wright, A growing human being mentally, creatively, and within. Not limited to a form of art but only to how far the creation develops artistically. Which results in a learning experience. Driven by passion, a desire to inspire, positivity, negativity... life. This is Soulucien, experience his art here: